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Last update: October 2021

Niger state is composed of 25 LGAs and its capital is Minna. The state’s estimated population was 5 556 247 in 2016.

Niger state has been affected by violence from bandits for the past seven years. In recent years, the violence in Niger state has led villagers to flee to displacement camps in the capital Minna. Bandits constitute one of the main actors in Niger state and they have reportedly operated without any challenge from the security agents in Niger state. Bandits’ activities in Niger, among other states, were originally in the form of herder-allied armed banditry but evolved to resemble non-state armed groups. Boko Haram is reportedly expanding its reach from north-eastern Nigeria to, among others, the north-central state of Niger. In particular, JAS has been establishing bases in the state. Nigerian security forces have also launched an operation to tackle banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling and armed militias.

Niger was one of states in Nigeria that was facing devastating attacks from armed bandits. Niger is in the top five states affected, in terms of fatalities, by banditry and the Boko Haram insurgency. Bandits’ attacks included shooting and killing, cattle rustling, abduction, kidnapping, rape, setting villages on fire and looting of valuables, with numbers of fatalities and of displaced persons continuing to increase. In 2021, attacks against villages and abductions continued. Kidnappings for ransom have reportedly occurred in some of the highways οf Niger state.

During 2020, ACLED reported a total of 96 security incidents (34 battles, 3 incidents of remote violence/explosions, 57 cases of violence against civilians, 2 incidents of riots) in Niger state (average of 1.8 security incidents per week). Security incidents took place in 14 out of 25 LGAs, with the largest overall number (37) being recorded in the LGA of Rafi.

The abovementioned security incidents resulted in 211 deaths. Compared to the estimated population in the state, this represents approximately 4 fatalities per 100 000 inhabitants.

From 1 January to 30 April 2021, ACLED reported a total of 63 security incidents (19 battles, 42 cases of violence against civilians, 2 incidents of riots) in Niger state (average of 3.7 security incidents per week). These security incidents resulted in 161 deaths.

As of January 2021, 309 231 IDPs were registered in North-Central region. IOM-DTM data showed that 87 % of the IDPs in North-West and North-Central regions were displaced within their state of origin, 13 % were displaced from a different state. Information on the number of conflict-related IDPs and on the number of returnees in Niger state could not be found.

Α new humanitarian crisis is emerging in the state of Niger.


Looking at the indicators, it can be concluded that in the state of Niger there is, in general, no real risk for a civilian to be personally affected within the meaning of Article 15(c) QD
Taking into account the nature of violence in the state, which is primarily linked to criminality, it may be relevant to examine individual cases in relation to Article 15(b) QD.
Main COI reference: Security situation 2021, 2.19