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Last updated: June 2022


Based on the general situation in Mogadishu, and taking into account the applicable individual circumstances, internal protection alternative in Mogadishu may be reasonable only in exceptional cases. Such exceptional cases would in particular include some able-bodied men and married couples without children with no additional vulnerabilities, who belong to locally majority clans and who have educational and professional background facilitating their access to employment, or a support network who is able to assist them in accessing basic subsistence, or those who otherwise have sufficient financial means. In the cases of couples, basic subsistence has to be ensured for both spouses in the IPA location.

Garowe and Hargeisa

In the case of single able-bodied men and married couples without children, IPA could be reasonable for those who belong to the local majority clan and can rely on its support and have no additional vulnerabilities.

In the case of families with children and unaccompanied children, internal protection alternative would in general not be reasonable. Individual circumstances and the best interests of the child should be duly assessed.

In the case of applicants from minority groups, including clans who can be considered minorities in the local context of the suggested IPA location, internal protection alternative would in general not be reasonable.

In the case of other profiles, the individual circumstances of the applicant, in particular in relation to clan affiliation, gender, age, the existence of a support/clan network, etc. should be given due consideration, when assessing the reasonableness to settle in these cities.